On the 3rd to the 7th July 2017, the Real Maestranza (Royal Cavalry) of Ronda celebrates the XVIII Ronda Music Week and the Music-Philosophy “Mimesis” Conference.

During the five-day event, the Real Maestranza Bullring will be the place to attend for all music lovers. The series of concerts include five recitals:

On Monday 3rd July the Real Maestranza Ronda Bullring will stage the ‘Proyecto Luna Canta un cuento 2017’orchestral music and dance concert. It will start at 9pm when 300 students come together from all the different educational establishments of Ronda, who have participated in this multi-disciplinary art project (music, orchestra, body expressionism and visual arts).

At 8.30pm on Tuesday 4th July, the Real Maestranza Library will show the ‘51 Generation Tribute’ concert, led by the Sax-Ensemble group which will interpret pieces by great Spanish composers such as Fernando Buide, Luis de Pablo, Tomás Marco and Carlos Cruz de Castro.

From 8.30pm on Wednesday 5th July in the ‘Virgen de la Cabeza’ Shrine, which is in the form of a cave, the spectators will be able to enjoy a concert by the Cantadera group, under the title “Devota Fecunditas”, quie will interpret the traditional Spanish vocal songs and hymns of Santa María attributed to Alfonso X.

On Thursday 6th July, the Real Maestranza Library will exhibit, at 8.30pm, the interpretation of Iñaki Sandoval of her “Mimesis” works, which is of her own creation. The piano will be situated in the centre of the auditorium and the public will be seated around it, thus being able to better sense and enjoy the music, being closer to feel the emotions emitted by the piano’s strings.

On Friday 7th July in the Real Maestranza Ronda Bullring Riding School at 8.30px, Pedro Vázquez Marín will conduct the Symphonic Orchestra of Aljarafe, which will interpret the Henry Purcell’s “Dido y Eneas” opera. Coro NovaNerta and the Aljarafe Dance Company will also participate in this representation.

All those who are interested in attending any of these events can buy tickets from the ticket stand located at the Ronda Bullring as well as in Ronda’s ‘Casa de la Cultura’ located in Plaza de la Merced. The first concert (Monday 3rd July) has a general rate of 8€ and a special rate of 6€ for under 18’s. The rest of the concerts programmed has a general rate of 10€ and a special rate of 5€.

XIV Philosophy of Music Conference

This year the series of “Mimesis” conferences will unite philosophers and composers to debate on the concept of the capacity to which music can imitate the natural and human environment.


Monday 5th July – Grados de la Real Maestranza Seminar

10:00 h. Tomás Marco (Composer and violinist. Doctor Honoris Causa by the UCM)

“Cheap imitation: The Utopia of Musical Mimesis”

11:00 h. Javier Gomá (Writer and essayist. Director of the Juan March de Madrid Foundation.)

“Imitation. History of an idea and fundamentals of the general theory.”

12:30 h. Mercedes Zavala (Composer)

“What is: Mimesis and Poetry”

Thursday 6th July – Grados de la Real Maestranza Seminar

10:00 h. Gotzon Arrizabalaga (Professor, Anthologist and Philosopher of Music from the University of País Vasco.)

“Beyond Mimesis”

11:00 h. Carme Fernández Vidal (Composer, Head Professor and Head of the Superior Conservatory Composition Department, at Illes Balears.)

“Musical representation, symbol and memory: mimesis versus subjectivity”

12:30 h. Francisco Jarauta (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Murcia.)

“Poussin: a poetic picture”

Friday 7th July – Grados de la Real Maestranza Seminar

10:00 h. Marta Cureses (Head Professor at the University of Oviedo. Doctor in Goegraphy and History)

“L’arte dei rumori: a provisional crime”

11:00 h. José Mª Sánchez-Verdú (Composer and Director. BA in Law. Professor of Composition of Robert-Schumann-Hochschule and Superior Conservatory of Aragón Music)

“Praise copy”

12:30 h. Víctor Gómez Pin (Professor of Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the the University of País Vasco. Awards include Anagrama y Espasa de Ensayo, among others.

“Facing mimesis: the complexity and abstraction of music and mathematics.”

The music week will fill the Real Maestranza another year with the most sublime symphonies and melodies for those with the most exquisite tastes.

Find out more here.

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